12 Adorable, Affordable Valentine Gifts

Step away from the chocolate and invest in these zero-calorie ways to show your affection.



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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the FDA released fresh guidelines telling Americans that sugar should comprise only 10 percent of our daily calories—basically a can of Coke. So those seductive heart-shaped boxes probably contain more sugar than we’re now permitted to even think about.

Not to worry. These last-minute gifts will make your sweetheart forget there ever was something called chocolate—well, at least momentarily.

For Her

If you can’t get her a box of real chocolates, how about a Box of Chocolate Soaps? ($28, Uncommon Goods)

The Verbena Robe from Coyuchi is one of the most elegant intimate garments your lady will ever receive. ($88, Coyuchi)

Rose Petal Soap looks like a (real) beautiful rose, and it smells as sweet. ($20, The Grommet)

The You Are Awesome Yoga Mat will remind her how you feel about her with every downward dog. ($86, Affirmats)

For Him

The Timor Butterfly Safety Razor Set for Beginners brings the classic shave experience to your modern man. ($85, RoyalShave)

Did someone say “soft, light, and silky”? We don’t mean your kisses, but some really great underwear: Mr + Muse Bamboo Boxer Briefs. ($22, The Grommet)

These Ridged Glass Guitar Picks are as beautiful as they are useful, assuming your honey likes to strum. ($20, Uncommon Goods)

The Activité Pop Watch looks like a classy wristwatch but acts like an activity-monitoring smartwatch with a pedometer, sleep tracker, and even a swim tracker. ($150, Withings)

For Whomever

Your breakfast-in-bed cred will jump several notches when you make a heart-shaped omelet using this Silicone Egg Shaper. ($9, Mastrad Paris)

The What I Love About You by Me Book lets you count the ways you appreciate your sweetheart, in your own handwriting. ($10, Barnes & Noble)

Made from millennia-old salt deposits beneath the Punjab Himalayas, these Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses let you toast your love in style. ($28, The Meadow)

This batch of adorable Love Tokens gives your sweetheart tickets to the benefits of your adoration, in the form of foot massages, movie nights and more. ($12, Mod Cloth)

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