Turn Up the Heat

It’s not about flowers or fancy dinners. It’s about magnifying your own sensual energy and inviting your partner into that space.

The Co-Sleeping Challenge

Attaching to baby often means distancing from your spouse. Here’s how to stay connected as a couple.

Want the One You’re With

We crave long-term relationships but we also want to re-experience that first wave of passion. Here’s how to crush on the one you love.

Why We Cheat

At root, cheating is usually not about our current relationship or a shiny new lover. It’s about our self-image.

How Mindfulness Killed My Sex Life

The spiritual path will burn away all illusions, including the sexual kind. The good news is that something better is reborn in the ashes.

Some Like It Vulnerable

Want to rock his or her world? Start with opening up to your raw, tender truth and paying full attention to each moment.

Claim Your Queer

Let’s face it—everyone wants something a little weird now and then.

The Foursome

In my open marriage, feelings of jealousy and rejection emerge in unexpected places, and point the way toward growth.

The Moment It Breaks

A stunted maternal instinct. A long-dormant sexual awakening. A nascent midlife crisis. You might call it the perfect storm.

A Polyamorist View of Monogamy

We think of monogamy as natural, but it’s actually quite advanced—the trouble is we default to it out of fear instead of choosing it consciously.