The Ones Who Got Away

After a strict upbringing, early heartbreak, and a celebrity crush, I’m indefinitely single.

When Traumas Collide

On the surface we looked like a talkative wife and silent husband. Underneath, ghosts were at war.

Dinnertime Blues

You think you and your husband are compatible. Then you have a kid and try to feed him.

One-Night Chat

On a Friday night in LA, two strangers finally figure out the secret to lasting love.

Go Ahead, Go to Bed Angry

Whoever said couples should solve every argument before bed? Sleep on it and you may forget the fight altogether.

The Secret to Compromise

Instead of giving in, butting heads, or walking away, figure out that one specific thing you are so unwilling to let go of.

Why I Do the Laundry

Wives spend four times more hours doing laundry than their husbands. Not in my house, they don’t.

How Mindfulness Killed My Sex Life

The spiritual path will burn away all illusions, including the sexual kind. The good news is that something better is reborn in the ashes.

A Soft Place to Fall

A new baby, around-the-clock feedings, sleep deprivation, a tight budget—and a gift that will never be forgotten.

Little Lies, Big Damage

It’s the small daily omissions that erode a relationship. How I finally learned to show up  and tell the truth.

The Foursome

In my open marriage, feelings of jealousy and rejection emerge in unexpected places, and point the way toward growth.

The Moment It Breaks

A stunted maternal instinct. A long-dormant sexual awakening. A nascent midlife crisis. You might call it the perfect storm.

6 Epic Gestures of Romance

Need some inspiration? Check out these champions of romance and the grand gestures that won their beloveds’ hearts.