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From Bothered To Hot And Bothered

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This week’s episodes are about allowing our mess to be our message—a line that our guests this week borrow from a dear friend of theirs. And words that these two truly live by.

I have to admit,  I’m usually a little hesitant to bring experts on the show. I often find myself concerned that they’ll hide behind their expertise rather than use the show as an opportunity for transparency. So far my fears have been unfounded, I’m happy to say, and this week’s couple is no exception. Gaby and Raj Sundra are the authors of Relationship Fun and Games, and they lead couples’ workshops based on the relationship development principles in the book.

What’s fascinating about this couple is the determined way in which they take every conceivable challenge in their relationship, dissect it to its root elements, and turn it into a tool. It’s an inspiring process to observe, and I think you’re going to love both the honesty and the advice these two share with us.  

Yesterday’s article on the magazine was also about transparency. In Why You Should Tell Your Partner Everything, Ginny McReynolds makes a strong case for full disclosure at the very beginning of a relationship, because let’s face it: How can you love and help someone unless you know the history they’re carrying?

If you would like to learn more about Gaby and Raj, you can find their website, book, and all their courses here.

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