Jeanne and George

How Breaking Up Saved Our Marriage

The Story Of A Post-Engagement Breakup
Today’s episode is about the deeply important drive to claim our personal independence.

Our guests, Jeanne Chan and George Hu, have been together for a long time, and to the outside world, their love affair probably seems storybook perfect. This is in part because Jeanne runs a well-known lifestyle blog called Shop Sweet Things, that often features necessarily gorgeous images of her and their family. Jeanne also founded Harlow and Grey, a beautifully curated modern party goods store.

The thing about running brands like these is that, by design, the imagery portrays the happiest and most perfectly manicured sides of life. But as we all know, there is no such thing as a challenge-free love affair. And that fact came to a head with these two in a way that profoundly changed their relationship. It’s such a counter-intuitive story that we decided to pair it this week with an interview on Wednesday about a different couple who are currently in the process of deciding whether to stay together or break up. The two interviews capture distinct phases of a process that we’ve all faced, which remains a mystery to most of us.

If you’d like to learn more about Jeanne, check out her blog, and her modern party goods outlet

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