Ahri and Jay

Creating A Partnership Instead Of Finding One

Ahri and Jay 1
Is it possible to choose romance and create partnership, rather than simply stumbling upon those things?

There is an idea we all live with that love, to some degree, is something that just happens to us. That it’s a matter of luck or happenstance. But most of us also have a sense that we’re much more in control than we let on. Where that line is drawn between control and luck is an ongoing mystery. And it’s a mystery that our couple this week, Ahri and Jay Golden, love to explore. From the story of how they met and created their marriage, told in this episode, to their very unique approach to managing conflict (covered in Part 2 of their interview), this couple works to take responsibility for their own lives, and it shows.

We’re also releasing two articles this week about intentionally taking control of our experience of our own relationships: Emily Nature’s My Relationship Has “No Future” and That’s Okay, and Kate Niebauer’s provocative How to Love a Beast Into a King. Give them a read and let us know what you think.

You can learn more about Ahri—a radio producer and photographer—and  see her work at her website: Ahrigolden.com.

You can learn more about Jay at Wakingstar.com. Jay works with companies and organizations to craft the stories that tell the world who and what they are.

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