David and Kate

Choosing Monogamy, Then Polyamory

We’re trying something new this week. We’re splitting several interviews into two episodes, and this is one of them. We’d love to hear what you think about this format, so let us know!

Today’s couple, David and Kate, are delightfully self-aware. They’re currently polyamorous, after starting their relationship in the more traditional monogamous way, and they have a lot of hard-earned wisdom about that relationship structure. I think you’ll learn a lot from them about this.

What affected me more than their polyamory, however, were Kate’s insights about anger. Many of our guests have been thoughtful on the subject of anger, but Kate has a depth of understanding in this area that blew me away. I’m curious to find out if it impacts you as deeply, so please let me know. The comments section on the website is a great way to do this—I check it regularly.  

This first installment of this interview is primarily about polyamory. Tomorrow we’ll hear from Kate and David about anger.

If you would like to know more about Kate, you can finder her website at Kateniebauer.com.

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