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When A Divorce Lawyer Gets Married

When a Divorce Lawyer Gets Married
This week’s episode is about commitment and context.   

I wrote an article for Together Magazine this week called You And Me And Everyone We Know. It’s about the importance of community in a marriage. It’s my view that marriage cannot exist without community, that marriage is a construct of community, that the two are inextricably intertwined, and this this is a strength.

I mention this not only because I hope you’ll read the article, but because today’s episode with Scott and Kelly is about this very issue.  At the beginning of the interview, as you’ll hear, Kelly tells us that marriage is about commitment, and that commitment means sticking it out when it’s sticking it to you. That view comes from her experience as a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles. But her insight goes much deeper than that. These two had an extremely rocky start, as you’ll hear, and what turned things around was their focus on a new paradigm—a whole new context that did more than just make them happy. It allowed family to blossom.

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