Essence to Essence: Awakening And Marriage

Mukti ,Part 1
When I first imagined launching our podcast, there was one particular couple I would fantasize about interviewing almost daily. And that was Mukti and Adyashanti. For those of you who don’t know these two, Mukti and Adya are both well-known spiritual teachers, and they also happen to be married—which as you can imagine, makes them like catnip to me.

I eventually asked them onto the show. Adya said no, but Mukti said yes! I usually only record couples, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to interview one half of my fantasy couple. So I took the train down to see her, and this interview is the result.  We covered all my favorite topics: fear, love, marriage, the idea of completeness, conflict, and even the myth of enlightenment.

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Photo courtesy of Doug Ellis Photography.

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