Esther and Chris

Polyamory And Divorce: A Story About Love

Esther and Chris Part 1
This week we’re presenting a two-part interview about challenges that are inherent to all romantic relationships, but which in this case are made more apparent by non-monogamy.

There is no tidy resolution to this story. Esther and Chris are very much in the midst of a dispute, and we’re getting a firsthand view of what it’s like to be in the middle of a potentially critical challenge, without all the answers that come from hindsight.

But these two are committed to something that they think is important, and as a result they’re willing to share their challenges with us and to continue working it out with each other.

As a listener, you will inevitably have your own reactions to this interview, but as I’ve said before, I invite you to suspend your judgment for the time. Rather, allow what these two are experiencing to represent for you the challenges that we all face with our partners. Relationships are hard, no matter the configuration. Intimacy and honesty are intimidating, no matter who your partner is. We all fall down despite our best intentions, and yet we carry on.

Enjoy the show!

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