Trevor and Megan Part 2

The Fear Below The Fear Below The Fear

Today’s episode is Part 2 of an interview with Trevor and Megan Blair. If you haven’t heard Part 1 of this interview, you should probably go back and listen to that, as this episode picks up right in the middle of a discussion about intimacy and connection.

To recap, in the last episode Trevor and Megan shared a recent disagreement they’d had, and Megan explained where she thinks she falls on an intimacy spectrum. She also told us what she believes she has to learn from Trevor about intimacy.

We’re picking the interview up at a point where Trevor tells us he is very upset by what Megan has said. We explore the fears driving his reaction, and the fears below those, and so on.

This is only our second podcast that explores a couple’s conflict in real time, as it’s happening. Conflict is such an inherent part of intimacy that we have a whole section of our magazine dedicated to fighting: skills to help you navigate the often-turbulent waters of love. Our most recent story describes the single biggest warning sign that your relationship is in trouble. As always, check out our Facebook page for all the latest stories and comments.

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