Carolyn and Christof

Finding The One After Divorce

Carolyn and Christof

Today’s episode is about finally finding the right partner after divorce. In my own experience as a divorce lawyer, I noticed that my clients who worked through the emotional issues of their divorce always had very happy second marriages. That contradicts the data on second marriages, but I saw it occurring over and over.

I believe I’ve found yet another example in our guests today. Carolyn and Christof have a fun and romantic story in which they gamely face the challenges that are inevitable in every relationship, as you’ll hear. And they met just as Christof had gotten over a difficult divorce.

These two are both well-regarded journalists living in New York. Carolyn is a senior writer at Huffington Post, who also published a book last year. You can learn more about her here: Christof was an on-camera journalist at Al Jazeera America, and is now a freelancer.

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