Erwan and Alicia

From Monastery To Marriage

Erwan and Alicia interview
This week we’re exploring how our sexual needs and our relationship conflicts offer us big opportunities to deepen our awareness.

My guests this week are Erwan and Alicia Davon, two well-known personal development leaders whose work focuses on bringing presence to relationship and sexuality. Erwan and Alicia are probably most known for a program called The Pleasure Course, a seminar in which participants delve into a unique method of spiritual/psychological inquiry as well as begin the study of extended orgasm.

Having worked with so many couples in this intimate way, Alicia and Erwan have unique insight into what causes awareness to develop, and how sex and our inevitable conflicts with our partners can help us to expand both our personal relationships and our awareness in general. And it doesn’t hurt that Erwan spent a good amount of time in a monastery and Alicia has a master’s in integral psychology.

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