Harmony and Jen Part 2

We Want To Get Married, But We Don’t Know Why!

Jen and Harmony Part 2

Today’s episode is Part 2 of Jen and Harmony’s interview. If you haven’t listened to Part 1, you should probably go back and do that first, because it will give you some more context for what’s going on today.

To recap, in the last episode, Jen and Harmony shared with us how they met and came together, and then how breaking up ultimately saved their relationship.

Today, we turn to the question of marriage. These two aren’t engaged, but they are committed, and they both plan to be together indefinitely. So that always raises the question: Why not marry? And before we can answer that, we have to ask: What is marriage, anyway? What is the commitment we’re making when we take those vows? And why do we bother? These two are in the midst of answering that question, and I think you’ll enjoy listening to their process.

Enjoy the show!

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