Ginny and Jodi

I Love You But You’re The Wrong Gender!

Ginny & Jody
Today’s episode is about falling in love when you’re not supposed to, with someone you’d never expect.

According to most researchers on the subject, human sexual orientation lies along a spectrum. The Kinsey Scale for instance, one of the most widely used classification systems, rates people from 0 (entirely heterosexual) to 6 (entirely homosexual).

There are hundreds of these classification systems all taking into account different kinds of factors. Whatever you may think of the various systems, it does appear that each of us is uniquely oriented sexually.

Some of us learn about our orientation early in our lives. Some of us never fully discover who we are sexually. And some of us discover it only after getting married and starting a family.

Today’s guests, Ginny and Jodi, have a story to tell us along these lines, and they tell it much better than I do. Enjoy!

Ginny has contributed several articles to our magazine. Here are a couple of links if you’d like to read those:

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