Matthew and Sophie-Charlotte

I’ll Take You As You Are

I'll take you as you are
Today’s episode is about the intersection of romance and honesty.

We all sell our partners on ourselves when we first meet. It’s part of how we seduce one another and fall in love. There’s nothing wrong with that.  That said, it’s also possible to withhold too much about ourselves in that stage. As we’ve seen so many times on this show, healthy relationships require complete and direct communication.

Our guests today, Matthew and Sophie-Charlotte, are a balance of these two stages of love. One is the undying romantic optimist; the other is a brutally honest realist. And the fascinating way in which their relationship comes together is the theme of our show.

If you would like to learn more about Matthew (he can teach you how to race motorcycles), you can find him at

Sophie-Charlotte is the author of the bestselling book Mobilized: The Formula For Mobile Success, and you can learn more about her at

Special thanks to Shure Microphones for donating their brand new MV-51 model that’s specially made for podcasters. We used it to record our intro and outro today, so if you like the sound, you know where to find it.

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