Jessica Graham

The Ins And Outs Of Mindful Sex

Jessica Graham

Our episode today is about sex and awakening. Sex can trigger our deepest challenges and our most exalted selves. Whatever the reason, exploring our sexuality is one of our greatest opportunities for personal growth, if we allow it to be.

But it’s scary. Sure, the sex itself is fun, but we don’t like the trauma it can unearth. We resist fear as humans, and for good reason: It’s how we survive. On the other hand, this exploration is where the greatest of adventures lies. This is how we can finally, truly know ourselves. Why not live fully expressed if it’s possible?

Our guest today, Jessica Graham, does just that. Jessica is an author, a well-loved meditation teacher, and also a film actor. In her writing and meditation work, she inhabits that space where sexuality and spirituality overlap, and guiding us all through that space is her great gift.

In this episode we deal with sexuality and sexual trauma, so if you’re easily triggered by conversations of this nature, you might want to take it slow, or even skip it. 

You can find Jessica at her website. Her forthcoming book, Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Outis available for pre-order from North Atlantic Books, and distributed by Penguin-Random House.

Jessica also wrote an article for us a while back called How Mindfulness Killed My Sex Life.

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