JenJen and Noah

When You Can’t Just Walk Away Anymore

Welcome to Episode 2!

JenJen and Noah are a relatively new couple, so in this episode we hear their story from the beginning, and see what it took for them to decide whether they wanted to get married in the first place.

But more importantly, these two have taken to heart—in a very real way—the idea that they can co-create any kind of marriage they want. Versus, of course, the marriage the larger culture expects.

Now, I know you’ve probably heard this before, it may even sound cliché, but you must admit, there is immense pressure to conform in any society, and ours is no exception. These two buck that trend.

I’m not going to give away how exactly they do that—for that you have to listen in.

I’ll just say, these guys are in uncharted waters, and it takes courage. Enjoy the show!

Music: Cut and Run by Kevin MacLeod

Photo: Eric Gillet / Shoot That Klown

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