Jonathan and Naomi

When Success Means Failure

When Success Means Failure

Welcome to the show, everyone, and thanks for listening!

Our next two shows were a lot of fun to record. Jonathan and Naomi exemplify the professional urban couple. Jonathan is a startup founder with a long list of hits to his name, and Naomi is a pediatrician and a med school professor at UCSF who manages to both see patients and publish academic papers. And they have two kids, which is really something to juggle.

So these shows are about parenting. They’re about hard times and good times, and well-thought-out time-management tools for families. And we even manage to talk about how to still have sex when it seems like there’s no time for anything else.

We split their interview in two. Here in Part 1 we hear about the challenge that almost broke these guys apart, and in Part 2 we’ll hear about the incredibly effective time management tools they now use to stay together and happy.

Enjoy the show!  

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