Andrea and Ryan

The Junior High Love That Lasted

Andrea and Ryan part 1
Today’s episode is about a junior high love affair that turned into an exceptionally strong marriage, four lovely kids, and one gorgeous organic farm.

I lost track of my cousin Andrea as an adult, and when I learned that she had started an organic farm with her husband, I couldn’t have been more surprised. But the truth was, I didn’t know a thing about Andrea. All I had were vague childhood memories of a sweet redheaded girl. So during a recent family visit back in Michigan, I took a detour up to the farm, to try and get to know my cousin and her family a little bit better.

We sat down with margaritas on a warm rainy Michigan evening in the house that Andrea and Ryan built themselves, on the farm they bought after saving for years. While the kids watched a movie downstairs, I got to learn how my cousin Andrea first met the love of her life. I hope you enjoy the show.

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