Kelli and Timothy

How Committing Changes Everything

Kelli and Timothy
In this particular era of social media, where our feeds are perfectly manicured to showcase our most clever and most happy selves, it can be easy to feel like something is wrong when the normal challenges of being human, and being in a relationship, begin to arise. Our show hopes to be an antidote to that shame, and remind us that it’s perfectly okay to be a real person with real challenges.

And that brings me to our couple for the week, Kelli and Timothy Lamb.

Theirs is a very sweet story about true love—yes, I actually mean that—and about the realities of living together in the midst of love. And those two things are not mutually exclusive. We can both be in love and face hard times with one another. For them, one of the keys to handling it is commitment.

You can find more about Kelli on her Instagram Feed @Kellilamb or at, where she is managing editor.

Timothy’s Instagram is @TimmyLamb and he is the art director and the character designer for Trolls, the animated feature from DreamWorks Animation.

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