Kelli and Timothy Part 2

Getting Honest About What We Need

Kelli and Timothy Part 2
Today’s episode is Part 2 of an interview with Kelli and Timothy Lamb. If you haven’t heard Part 1, you should probably go back and listen to that, because this episode will make a lot more sense if you do.

There’s a lot going on in this episode, but there are two themes that struck me as particularly interesting. I’m curious to hear what you think of these, so let me know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

The first theme is Kelli’s ability to live life on her terms. We’ve had other couples on the show talk about living outside the box (KT and Doug and JenJen and Noah are two notable examples), but never a couple that appears so classically mainstream.

The second theme is the persistence with which Kelli and Tim consistently work their way towards an understanding of what the other needs. It’s lovely to watch that unfold.

We posted two articles at Together Magazine this week that fit nicely with the themes in these episodes. The first is called Uncovering Your Expectations, and it’s about understanding and sharing what you really want in a relationship before resentment sets in.  The second is called Want The One You’re With, and it’s packed full of solid insights into keeping the passion burning in a long-term relationship.

You can find more about Kelli on her Instagram Feed @Kellilamb or at, where she is managing editor.

Timothy’s Instagram is @TimmyLamb and he is the art director and character designer for Trolls, the animated feature from DreamWorks Animation.

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