Maja and Josh Part 1

Money, Love, and Fear

Maja and Josh Part 1
Today’s show is Part 1 of a two-part interview with two extraordinary artists: Joshua Hagler and Maja Ruznic. I’m a huge fan of these two professionally, so it was a real privilege to get a look inside their personal lives. This was a very long interview, so I’ve clipped out several sections that we’ll be releasing as bonus clips for Patreon subscribers; you can find more about that at

What we left in was, frankly, the segments about their challenges. These two are a successful and happy couple, but they do have one consistent challenge, and that’s money. It will come as no surprise that being a successful artist doesn’t always mean financial security. And that fact has a serious impact on the personal lives of artists all over the world. These two have been courageous enough to drop the veil, and to be honest with us about how money impacts their lives and careers.  

You can find more about Josh and Maja at their websites. Josh’s is: and Maja’s is

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