Samantha and Dylan

The Marine Sergeant And The Artist

The Marine Sergeant and the Gallery Artist: Samantha and Dylan, Part 1
Today’s episode is about culture shock.

We don’t like to face our prejudice. It’s a concept that carries uncomfortable implications about our moral compass, and yet we all have preconceptions that we hold. The art, in some sense, is to be aware of our preconceptions, and not allow them to dominate experience.

Our guests today come from two distinct American cultures: Dylan is a Marine sergeant from a small town in Pennsylvania, and Samantha is a gallery artist who comes from Oakland, California. These two fell in love and got married, but as you can imagine, love was the easy part. Managing their preconceptions and merging their cultures was the real work.

If you’d like to learn more about Samantha, you can find her website at, where you can see her recent work and the collaboration she references in the show.

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