Molly and Jason

Overcoming Conflict By Pure Determination

Today Show Blues

We’re only releasing two episodes this week, and they’re related.  

Today’s show with Molly and Jason is about overcoming conflict by pure, raw determination. Molly and Jason were married on The Today Show with Katie Couric (a story in itself), and by all measures, they had the perfect relationship. But what the cameras couldn’t pick up was the intense conflict going on below the surface.  

In this interview, Molly and Jason share with us what it was like to live that dichotomy, and how they almost lost their marriage to unresolved conflict. It’s an intense episode, talking about a challenging time in the life of this couple. No relationship is entirely free of conflict, but I’m happy to say these two have reached a point of ease with theirs. Let’s hear how they did it.  

You can find Molly at her website:  

You can learn about Jason’s company, Star Waggons at  

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