Esther and Chris Part 3

Non-Monogamy Still Has Rules

Esther & Chris

Today’s episode marks the first time we’ve had a couple back for a second appearance on the show. Chris and Esther first appeared in episodes 29 and 30, which were titled: Polyamory and Divorce, A Story About Love, and Non-Monogamy is Hard Because Love Is Hard. In those episodes they explained the nature of their non-monogamous relationship, and shared the main challenge they were facing at the time, which had to do essentially with maintaining relationship agreements.

If you’ve listened to the show at all, you know that my view is that conflict in a relationship is inevitable, and that it’s an opportunity to create depth. These two exemplify that messy reality perfectly. There’s no tidy solution to this interview, and this relationship is very much in process. But these two love each other, and they’re very much in it together.

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