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Orgasmic Meditation Is Not Sex

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Today’s episode is about the bumpy start of what is now a very healthy non-monogamous relationship, and our episode is about a practice called Orgasmic Meditation. If you don’t know about orgasmic meditation, don’t worry, our guests today – Robert and Morgan – will define it for you by way of telling their fascinating story.

To give you some quick background Robert also wrote an article for us a while back called “She Gave Me Permission To Sleep Around,” which tells another aspect of their story. I’ll link to in the show notes.

Morgan is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a Lyme Literate Physician. You can find Morgan at:

If you’d like to learn more about Robert, you can find his business consulting and personal coaching website at:

In other news, we posted an article last week called My Husband’s Vasectomy Saved Our Marriage.

And we’ve had quite a lot of response from listeners about it. Some of you are in support of vasectomy, and some of you are very much opposed. So I would like to hear from the rest of you. Gentlemen, would you consider a vasectomy to make your partner happy, or to reignite the passion in your relationship? And women, is a vasectomy something you would ask of your partners? Post your thoughts on our Facebook page, or email me at 

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