Tony and Alisa

Passionate Sex In A Christian Marriage

Tony and Alisa

Today’s episode is about sex in a Christian marriage. You may recall that several episodes back, my guests shared that they had managed to reignite the passion in their marriage following childbirth by using a technique that they had learned on a podcast called One Extraordinary Marriage. Well, I reached out to the hosts of that podcast, Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, because I wanted to get the information from the source. We don’t agree on everything that we discuss in this episode, but we had a great time talking about it, and these two have some very useful insights into coming to terms with sexuality within the Christian context. And since we don’t have very many Christians on this show talking about their religion, I’m excited about this one.

In addition to their website above, be sure to check out Tony and Alisa’s book, 7 Days of Sex Challenge: How to Rock Your Sex Life and Your Marriage.

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