Robin Rinaldi

Adventures In Passion And Non-Monogamy

Robin Rinaldi

Robin Rinaldi is the author of the critically acclaimed and controversial memoir The Wild Oats Project. The book chronicles Robin’s story of exploring non-monogamy several years into an otherwise monogamous marriage.  

Robin is a longtime editor and journalist who has written for The New York Times, the Atlantic, O Magazine and many others. And she is also the managing editor for our very own Together Magazine, which is the sister magazine to this podcast.  You can find an excerpt from her book here.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I sat down with Robin to discuss monogamy, polyamory, maternal desire, regret, and personal growth.

Robin’s story is a fascinating one, and in this episode we go far beyond her book and tread into the ever-changing landscape of sexual morality. We’re lucky to have Robin here at Together; after this interview I think you’ll understand why.  

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