Sharon and Alexis

Balancing Family And Business

Welcome to Episode 8, everyone. Thanks for joining!

We’re trying something new this week in an attempt to shorten our episodes. We’re splitting interviews into two parts. And I would love your feedback about whether this works, so let us know what you think.

Now to today’s interview. I’m excited because it’s the first ever non-romantic couple we’ve had on the show. I didn’t think we were going to do this in the first season, but when I met Sharon and Alexis, I knew we had to interview them.

The reason is, these two aren’t just any old pair of friends—they’re best friends, they’re business partners, and (here’s what blew my mind) they’re mother and daughter! I know, crazy. Can you imagine going into business with your parent, or with your child for that matter? Me neither.

But these two make it work, and being in business with family has some distinct advantages that I never considered: unconditional love chief among them.

In today’s installment we’ll hear how Sharon and Alexis decided to partner up in business, and some of the struggles that ensued given their relationship. Tomorrow we’ll hear about what their fights look like, and what’s different about fighting with a business partner who is also a parent or a child.

With that, let’s go to Sharon and Alexis.

  • Megan
    Posted at 12:10h, 03 June Reply

    Just FYI, this link is playing the previous episode! Thanks for a great show.

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