Sharon and Alexis Part 2

Getting Real About Fights

Welcome to Episode 9, everyone—Part 2 of Sharon and Alexis’s story.

We’re trying something new this week in an attempt to shorten our episodes. We’re splitting interviews in half, so this is the second installment of one interview. If you haven’t heard Part 1, you should probably go back and listen—it will give you more context.

Now to refresh your memory, yesterday Sharon and Alexis discussed how they decided to become business partners even though they’re mother and daughter, how they’re also best friends, and how none of that seems the least bit odd to either of them.

Today, they’re going to tell us about what it’s like to have fights in this context. Believe me, this is applicable to anyone with a parent, an adult child, or a business partner.

With that, let’s go to Sharon and Alexis.

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