Rachel and Tom

Should We Break Up If We’re In Love?

Should We Break Up If We’re In Love? Rachel and Tom

Today’s episode is about a decision that we all seem to face at some point. Should we break up, or should we work through the challenges?  There can be no perfect answer because we can never know what else might have been. The best we can do with that puzzle is finally just to choose, and then do our best to empower our choice.

But that is so much easier said than done.

That’s the issue that our guests today are exploring. Rachel and Tom are in love, and yet as they both say, that’s not enough. Earlier this year, Rachel wrote a story on The Bold Italic about her conflicts with their love affair that gained quite a lot of attention. It’s called Sleeping With A Gentrifier. In that story she ultimately chooses love in the face of her internal conflict. But fast-forwarding to this interview, they’re back the crossroads.

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