Emily and Rob

The Balance Of Power In Marriage And Work

This week’s episodes are about equality and gender in love and in work: What are the roles we’re expected to play, and what happens when we shake those up? Our couple, Emily and Rob, know quite a bit about this topic. These two have been together nonstop since they met in college. And not only are they married, but they have founded and run several major venture-backed companies together, and now operate a company called Din as co-CEOs.

The expectations and demands these two face as a result of running large, fully-staffed organizations as a couple, and by having taken capital from professional investors, are significant. You might think the business demands contradict the relationship ones, but not for these two. Somehow Emily and Rob manage to remain both successful business partners and completely head over heels for one another.

In our conversation we explore not just how they manage the dynamic of working and living together 24/7, but how they handle the balance of power at work, and how that affects their priorities as a couple.

Emily recently wrote an article on Medium called Why I’m Returning To My Maiden Name. We’ll talk with her about that article and that decision in Part 2 of our interview on Thursday.

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