Angus and Samantha

The Paradox Of Marriage

Angus and Samantha

Today’s episode is about the paradoxes inherent to a happy marriage.

Angus and Samantha, our guests this week, are like most couples: They love each other and they have their challenges. What sets them apart is that they each consider it a privilege to support one another through those challenges. And that is much easier said than done. They draw their strength from their faith, and their awareness of the paradox of marriage.  I’ll let them share the details.

Angus is an executive coach who speaks and writes extensively about self-awareness in business, and he hosts a podcast called Up In Your Business. You can find all that at his website:

Special thanks to Shure Microphones for donating their brand new MV-51 model that’s specially made for podcasters. We used it to record our intro and outro today, so if you like the sound, you know where to find it.

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