Jamie, Bree, and Doe

We’re Transgender: Please Don’t Make It Weird

Being Transgender: Why Make It Weird? Jamie, Doe, and Bree

Today’s episode is about being transgender. Last week took a first look at the issue of traditional gender roles, and this week we expand the exploration of gender to look at identity.

Our guests today, Jamie, Doe, and Bree, are all transgender. Jamie is a transgender man, Bree is a transgender woman, and Doe is a non-binary gender-fluid person. These three are also polyamorous, but that’s not the focus of this episode. If you’d like to hear about their romantic  relationship, we’ll be posting that portion of the interview for Patreon subscribers, and you can find it on Patreon.com/together.

These three are so on the cutting edge of transparency and self-awareness that it’s exhilarating just being around them. I think you’re going to love this one. Enjoy the show.

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