Trevor and Megan

I Want Connection, You Want Space

This week’s episodes are about the great gift of romantic partnership: the opportunity to see our identity reflected back at us and to grow as a result. The process isn’t easy, but it’s arguably the whole point.

Our couple this week, Trevor and Megan Blair, are smart, successful, attractive—they’re even athletic. They’re well-known around San Diego because of their community involvement. And they’re deeply in love, as you’ll see on the show.

And because they’re in love, they sometimes drive each other up the wall, as you’ll also see on the show.

This episode focuses on one issue that keeps manifesting for these two around intimacy and connection: Trevor needs more of it than Megan does. This is a common dynamic and this fascinating couple tackles it head-on, with real courage. Hats off to them.

Yesterday on the magazine, we posted another story about pursuing and distancing in which Anna Kawar bravely describes how she often became hysterical when her partner distanced himself—which of course just caused him to withdraw further. Read what she learned here  and check out our Facebook page for all the latest stories and comments.

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