The Co-Sleeping Challenge

Attaching to baby often means distancing from your spouse. Here’s how to stay connected as a couple.

Games People Play

Look beneath the role you tend to play in relationship, then beneath that, and so on, until you see the hilarity of it all.

Are You a Gaslighter?

There’s a very clear line between disagreeing with your partner and emotionally abusing her.

The Physics of Love

In the natural world, the strongest elements know how to bend and not break. Do you?

The Junk in His Trunk

Yes, his collection of Game of Thrones figurines is super-weird, but if you love him, make room for it.

The Secret to Compromise

Instead of giving in, butting heads, or walking away, figure out that one specific thing you are so unwilling to let go of.

Why I Do the Laundry

Wives spend four times more hours doing laundry than their husbands. Not in my house, they don’t.

Why We Cheat

At root, cheating is usually not about our current relationship or a shiny new lover. It’s about our self-image.

The 4-Word Fight Ender

The surprisingly simple question that can turn an argument into a constructive discussion.

How to Fight Fair

Stay focused, avoid extreme statements, lay off the character assaults, and remember the toothpaste.

What’s Your Fighting Style?

The way you start a fight says a lot about your relationship’s future, so when you come out swinging, keep it clean.

Little Lies, Big Damage

It’s the small daily omissions that erode a relationship. How I finally learned to show up  and tell the truth.